The Illicit Relationship between American Socialite Wallis Simpson and British King Edward VIII

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American socialite Wallis Simpson, the “Woman”, King Edward VIII left the throne for, why was Edward so attracted to Wallis, she wasn't young, beautiful, she was masculine and her voice was “scratchy”, was it love, attention, money, jewelry, obligation or imprisonment. Did Wallis want out of her suicidal's lover's obsessive clutches or did she enjoy control over the most powerful man in Britain at that time, the king of England. David “Edward” was born in London on 23-6-1894, His father was King George V, his mother was Queen Mary. Edward never seemed interested in becoming king, Edward fell passionately in love with Freda Dudley-Ward, a married mother in 1918. He wrote her numerous letters everyday, in them he stated “monarchy was a thing of the past” and “his father was out of touch”. Edward enjoyed hobbies like race–riding, flying and Socializing, he became a fashionable leader in London society, Life was strict, the royal family had to keep their reputation and this led to Edward rebelling. Edward showed signs of OCD, nervous tics, anorexia, autism or aspergers syndrome, used Teddy's for comfort, had an unusual manner of speaking, exercised excessively almost punishing himself, some believe he was "mad" and therefore were concerned about him becoming king Edwards’s father excluded him from political conversations and urged him to settle down, Edward refused; rebelled by having numerous relationships with unsuitable women. Edward began an affair with Lady Thelma Furness in 1931, she Invited Wallis and Ernest to a Party, this is where Wallis and Edward met. Wallis was born in Pennsylvania on 19-6-1896. She was called Bessie Wallis-Warfield; Wallis was an only child. Her father died shortly after her birth, her mother found dif... ... middle of paper ... ...irected by David Moore. • Wallis and Edward letters 1931-1937 Written by a well known author Michael Bloch • Duchess of Windsor written by Michael Bloch • History Ireland Magazine, an article in the magazine from September/October 2008 about Wallis and Edward • Internet sources o o o o,_Duchess_of_Windsor o o o
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