Good Queen Bess

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Good Queen Bess

When Anne Boleyn gave birth to King Henry the eighths first born daughter, it changed the world’s history as we know it. His daughter, Elizabeth the 1st would have a huge impact on the culture, life and the way women are thought of in British history.

On Sept. 7th 1533, Elizabeth, the daughter of King Henry was born. The King of England wasn’t as thrilled since she wasn’t a boy, who would mean an heir to the throne, but it was still okay. Due to the fact that after 2 more births that resulted in death, Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1936 when Elizabeth was only 3 years old. As her father continued to remarry, divorce, and execute his wives, one more child would be born, resulting to Elizabeth having one sister, Mary, and a new born brother named Edward. After Edward was born, his mother Jane died. She was known for being the one wife that Henry actually loved. Elizabeth grew into a very smart girl. She was known as Bess as times spoke Latin, French, German, and Henry gave her a tutor to study with. Along with everything else, she developed a temper that would help her later on as being a Queen.
Now, Henry had an heir to the throne, his son Edward. As time would pass, the future king of England was getting more and more weak and sicker. Henry passed on,

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