wallis simpson

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American socialite Wallis Simpson, the “Woman” if she was even a woman, king Edward Viii gave up his throne for, there is a lot of speculation about this illicit relationship, Why was Edward so attracted to Wallis, she was neither young nor beautiful, she was square-jawed and masculine, her voice was “scratchy” she often sounded like she had a cheese grater in her throat when she spoke, so why did Edward abdicate the throne for her? What was so great about Wallis Simpson and was Edwards “love” for her “love” or just obsession, did Edward just thrive on being controlled and manipulated and treated as a child? Did Edward corner Wallis into getting married; did she feel obliged after what she put everyone through? Did she want to get out of her suicidal lover's obsessive clutches, Or did Wallis love the power, Jewellery, attention, money and control she could have over the king of England, The most powerful man in Britain at that time, we can’t know exactly what really happened or the type of relationship they had so we just speculate. We will examine what would later be called the abdication crisis and determine our own opinion of the rumours surrounding Wallis Simpson. Edward was born in London, England on the 23 June 1894, His father was King George V and his mother was Queen Mary. Edward was known to those close to him as David and only known as Edward officially. He attended a naval college at Osborne and the royal naval college on HMS Britannia at Dartmouth and later after he became prince attended Magdalen College in Oxford, Edward was intelligent and known for his charm and good look, but he was bored and tired of authority; he decided to leave Oxford before he graduated. In 1910 his grandfather died, leaving Edward’s father... ... middle of paper ... ...nusual manner of speaking, social insensitivity and often had nervous tics such as constant fiddling, this is why some believe Edward may have suffered from Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, some thought Edward may have just been “mad” and therefore were worried about him ascending the throne, The Prince also had a thing for teddy bears, he often used them for comfort, this is quite childlike Edwards’s father excluded him from political issues and conversations and urged him to find a wife and start a family, Edward refused and rebelled by having numerous relationships with women the king considered unsuitable. Edward began an affair with Lady Thelma Furness in 1931. On 10th January 1931 Lady Thelma Furness Invited Wallis and Ernest to a Party and this is where Wallis met Edward. Edward lived his life with glamour and money unlike Wallis who spent her life struggling.
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