A Psychoanalysis of Edward Gein

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I have chosen to write my Case Study paper on Edward Gein from the Psychodynamic theoretical perspective. I believe that his behavior is a perfect case for the psychodynamic perspective because of the family dynamic in his home. These circumstances led to the actions that would become the inspiration for many books and movie characters because of the oddity and extreme nature of his human interactions.

Possibly the first crime that Edward committed was killing his older brother. This has significance on the psychological level because Edward’s older brother began to disagree with their mother’s world perspective and I believe this was the motivation for this crime. He loved his mother very much possibly to the point of Parent-Child Relational Problems and could not handle that his brother began to discredit her. Edward was not charged with killing his brother because they were burning a marsh and it was determined to be asphyxiation from the fire. It is suspicious because his brother was not in an area that was burned and his body was found with bruises.

After the death of his brother Edward Gein lived alone with his mother until her death after suffering from numerous strokes. Her death devastated him she was his only friend and companion. Even after a lifetime of mental and physical abuse he loved her I believe he developed a Dependent Personality Disorder with his mother because he never separated from her. Once considered maybe a little odd not Gein started to show multiple escalated behaviors that were and still to this day are considered some of the most abnormal ever witnessed.

Now alone in the world Edward Gein had no real connections with the outside world. All he knew was what his mother told him and now ...

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...uld certainly lead to a desire to dig up the bodies of recently buried women and use them to create macabre artifacts around the house. “Necrophilia can best be described as sexual arousal stimulated by a dead body. The stimulation can be either in the form of fantasies or actual physical sexual contact with the corpse.” (Hucker, 2010)

I think that some intensive psychoanalysis would prevent the actions of Gein and save the life of at least the one woman that he murdered. I do not think he could avoid all dysfunctions but there could have been a remarkable difference.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they chose to write their case study paper on edward gein from the psychodynamic theoretical perspective because of the family dynamic in his home, which inspired many books and movie characters.
  • Opines that edward's first crime was killing his older brother, which has significance on the psychological level. edward loved his mother very much to the point of parent-child relational problems.
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