The Human Process Of Aging

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The human process of aging is an important process of the evolution of humans. Although as some individuals age, they do begin to lose interests in specific things that they were once interested in while others begin to develop an interest in specific things that they were once not interested in at certain points in their lives. Many individuals seem to think that once an individual reaches an older or senior age, their sex drive begins to slowly diminish or diminish completely. The process of aging does not have a direct relationship in causing a decrease in an individual’s desire for sex or sexual activities. Greenberg states: Older men were more than twice as likely to report wanting more sexual activity than women, and men were much more likely to be sexually active than women older than 60 years. Nearly two-thirds of senior men are currently sexually active, whereas only 37% of women are currently sexually active. This gap exists partially because women live longer and thus are much more likely to be widowed than men. However, men were much more likely to say that a medical condition prevents them from engaging in sexual activities (51% of men, 12% of women) and that medications are reducing their sexual desire (44% of men, 16% of women). (Greenberg, J., 2014) The article I chose that conveys a message related to sexuality and older people is “Changing Attitudes about Sex and Aging” by Dennis Thompson Jr. In this article, older individuals are more likely to enjoy having sex a whole lot more than younger individuals. From this article, it is believed that older individuals have the ability to maintain much healthier relationships that are important to their quality of life by participating in sex. Older individuals are more p... ... middle of paper ... ... giving it adequate expression, and all have solved it by some combination of cultural taboos, permissions, and injunctions” (Gebhard, 2016). Within the aspect of social society, the combination of all social components, included but not limited to the governmental issues, religious views, and communications, influences social standards and has impacted what we call norms. Different forms of the media such as television, internet, news, movies, and many others will always impact how society views the roles of men and women sexually. Unfortunately, these influences can still effect an individual’s behavior in society and how individuals react in response to their sexual energy and desires regardless of whether is it good or bad. The majority of these components are intramural but it can become an issue for one to separate from the society and culture they live in.

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