The Holocaust: The Successful Exermination Of The Holocaust

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The reason the Nazi holocaust was so very successful, actually eliminating two-thirds of the European Jewish population, was due to several contributing factors. One of the most important factors at play in the successful extermination of so many Jews was the actual history of the Jewish community spread throughout Europe.
The Jews have practically always been persecuted ever since they dispersed from biblical Israel throughout the countries of Europe. Much of Europe’s religious base has been Catholic throughout the years since the days that the Roman Empire conquered most of Europe, hence the term, “all roads lead to Rome”. The spread of Catholicism instilled the story of Christ to the people and many people held/hold Jewish people responsible
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In the same way the people in the south could view African slaves and less than human these rumors continue to feed the anti-Semitism of Europe all the way up to WWII. What helped fan the flames during this time period that helped the holocaust become an overwhelming success was the fact that through propaganda Germans were fed the idea that their defeat in WWI and subsequent punishments were due to the Jews. The Germans (and much of Europe) had a difficult time during wartime of WWI as well as trying to rebuild following WWI and in the same way the Treaty of Versailles laid all the responsibility for all the woes of the war at the feet of Germany, Hitler and his propaganda machine laid those woes at the feet of the Jewish community and made sure the Germans knew who had been responsible for their…show more content…
It was becoming apparent that the German front was beginning to fall and the Nazi’s used this as a catalyst to step up the genocide and wipe out the people and destroy the camps so as to remove potential evidence of their heinous crimes against the Jews.
The success of this holocaust can be simply stated in a few terms, fear, hate, and evil. This evil was those thousands of soldiers willing (some eagerly) to take the lives of the Jews without a second thought of having taken a life. In the same way the African slaves had been dehumanized to the point of not requiring the same treatment as white people because they weren’t considered humans rather animals by many slaveholders, so was the idea of Jews, executed as an animal not a human, seen by the Nazi’s as purging the bad from the

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