The Holocaust

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For most people, the Holocaust evokes feelings of empathy for the victims, and anger toward the persecutors. The Holocaust, defined as “the systematic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime,” began with the rise of Nazi Germany (“A Historical Summary”). When the Germans lost World War One, the Jews received the blame. Anti-Semitism, or the hatred toward Jews, spread like wildfire throughout the nation. Hitler came to power with ideas of a master race, resulting in the persecution of many across Europe in what became known as the Holocaust.

Although many contributed to the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler remains viewed as the main catalyst. Born in Austria, Hitler originated from humble roots and poor parents (Byers, Overview 23). Adolf decided at an early age to become an artist, due to the fact that he received the best grades in his primary school art class. Soon after entering secondary school, Hitler dropped out due to poor grades. After his rejection from art school, Hitler continued to live with his mother until her death. At age nineteen Hitler lacked an education, but needed money so he traveled around picking up any job available. At this low point in his life, Adolf Hitler decided to become an anti-Semite (24). With the start of World War One, Hitler became a German soldier at age twenty-five (23-25). His time in the army led Hitler to pursue a career in politics.

With Hitler’s newfound goal of politics, he joined the Nazi party. Quickly working his way to the top, Hitler soon became elected the “Führer” or leader of the party. Adolf first attempted to gain power in the “Beer Hall Rebellion.” He led supporters to Berlin where the uprising was quickly crushed. With the charge of treason, Hitler s...

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...y innocent lives were lost in vain including 5 million non-Jews (“Holocaust”). When Adolf Hitler came to power, Europe became entangled in chaos as millions of Jews and other groups endure persecution from Germans.

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