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In order to gain the utmost from educational pursuits, a person must be able to assess his or her skills, interests, personality, and work values to determine which career field will be suitable. All of these attributes are important in discovering the best fit for a career that will provide the most job satisfaction. A person should utilize career evaluation tools to objectively evaluate his or her skills and attributes in order to determine the occupation that will work the best. The key to a successful a successful career is integrating an individual’s skills, education, personality, and work values with the intention of discovering the best field of work for that individual.
My chosen profession had been within the healthcare field for most of my work career. Initially, I had chosen the career path because of my interest in the medical field and the ease of understanding medical concepts throughout my life. The field also provided the challenges and variation I needed to maintain my attention and continual love of learning. Even though my initial goals have changed because of my latex
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While I am gaining the knowledge on how to perform these tasks through my education, I will need to change my workplace in order to gain the experience and practical knowledge on how to complete these tasks since there are no opportunities to do so within my current organization. I have utilized the career coaches that CSU-Global has offered to speak with a person that has been in healthcare and project management fields to suggest the best approaches to gain the experience I require and to present myself for my new career. Even though I have over a year to complete my master’s degree, my coach has given me practical advice to begin my career now and gain the practical experience that I will need to be
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