The History of Metallica

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The History of Metallica As the nineteen seventies came to a close so did many of the musical styles of that decade. While some faced what seemed to be extinction others went through a sort of evolutionary process. The bands that were at the top of the heavy metal ladder during this time were such acts as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Tygers of Pan Tang. These groups would be just some of what the new crop of heavy metal bands would consider inspirational. This style, which is typically referred to as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal," would fuel and empower many acts to stardom. (Marshall 3) At around this time, almost halfway across the world, Lars Ulrich got his first drum set in his home in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was eleven years old and had just been to his first heavy metal concert. The entire idea of being a drummer was viewed as just being a hobby, his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a professional tennis player. As nineteen eighty came around Lars' parents decided that he needed to be in a different environment in order to hone his tennis skills. They decided to move to Newport Beach, California because they believed the sunny climate would be more conductive to Lars' tennis practices. (Doughton 13) As these events were taking place in Lars' life halfway around the world James Hetfield, the future front man of Metallica, was attending Downey High School in Downey, California. This would be the beginning of a bumpy road for James. In his second year of high school his mother died of cancer. His parents, being Christian Scientists, shunned medical treatment and this caused a deep resentment in James in the upcoming years. After his mother's death James was forced to move to... ... middle of paper ... ... today's hard rock and heavy metal acts. Many critics in today's world regard Metallica as a legendary band, compared to the likes of Led Zeppelin from the seventies. One thing is for sure, Metallica has left an indelible mark in today's music world. Bibliography: Works Cited Crocker, Chris. Metallica: The Frayed Ends of Metal. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1993. Doughton, K.J. Metallica Unbound: The Unofficial Biography. New York: Warner Books, Inc., 1993. Fricke, David. "Pretty Hate Machine." Rolling Stone 27 June 1996: 33-37, 64-65. Krgin, Borivoj. "Key Dates In Metallica History." Metal Edge September 1996: 51-59 Marshall, Wolf. Introduction. Metallica: Kill 'Em All. By Marshall. New York: Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc., 1990. 3-4 Smith, Mike. "Unloaded." Livewire August 1997: 42-49

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