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Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1967. He began the grunge band Nirvana. Nirvana made the major label in 1991, signing with Geffen Records. Cobain also began using heroin around that time. On April 5, 1994, in a guest house behind his Seattle home, Cobain committed suicide. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend with his band Nirvana in the 1990s. Growing up in a small logging town, Cobain showed interest in art and music. He excelled drawing, so much so that his talents were even apparent in kindergarten. He also learned to play the piano by ear, and he also enjoyed a drum set his parents had given him, and a little at his father's urging, Cobain also played little league baseball. Cobain also spent some time with his sister Kim, who was born in 1971, but they both had to put up with their parents yelling and fighting. His parents divorced when he was nine. After his parent’s divorce, he went to live with his father, and on the weekends he would go spend time with his mom and sister. When his father remarried, Cobain resented his stepmother, and her two children. One of the best things to happen to Cobain in that terrible time, was when he got a guitar from his uncle Chuck. Even though the instrument was fairly beat up, it inspired Cobain to learn and play and it offered a respite from his unhappiness at home. Cobain was angry and alienated, he thought his father always took his stepmothers side and he favored her children, and his step brother who was born in 1979. Cobain had begun experimenting with drugs in his teen years, and began to push himself farther away from his father. Well, in 1982 Cobain left his father’s place and bounced around, relative to relative, for several mo... ... middle of paper ... ...nstantly. He had left a lengthy suicide note, where he addressed his fans as well as his wife and young daughter. Despite the official ruling of his death as suicide, some have wondered it was a murder and if Love had been involved with the whole thing. After the death, he still continued to intrigue and inspire fans. The group released ‘unplugged in New York.’ Shortly after his death, and it went to the top of the charts. With Cobain gone, there has been struggle with what he left behind. In September 2002, Love finally announced that they had solved their long lethal battle over unreleased material. An anthology of their songs, Nirvana, was released that year, including an unreleased track, “You Know You’re Right”. Two collections that included other previously unreleased material followed with 2004's With the Lights Out and 2005's Sliver: The Best of the Box.

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