AC/DC:The Rock N' Roll Powerhouse

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Four decades have gone by and AC/DC is still not slowing down. They continue to please their fans with every album and put on a show like no one else. Even though they have had some tough times through their career such as death and illness they still pushed through and continued to rock. Music phases change all the time, but AC/DC has kept their large fan base, however most kids these days don't understand the brilliant work of their music. Everyone should have the right to know about the most influential rock band in all of history that has changed all of rock. AC/DC should be considered the best rock band, because Angus Young is a guitar playing powerhouse, because Bon Scott was the raw and raunchy singer of all dreams ,and because of AC/DC's achievements.
Angus Young is well known for his great guitar playing skills. He was voted Scotland's greatest guitarist by the Total Guitar Magazine(“Angus Young...”). Angus Young has been named the greatest guitar player in Australian history by the Australian Guitar magazine as well. He is best known for his simple but, overwhelming power style that some criticize to be too rudimentary. Most fans and Angus himself say that basic is best when it comes to hard rock. In a web article it says, “His net worth is over $140 million dollars”(“Angus Young Net Worth”). Of course he has made more money than most people will ever make but, he has always said it is not about the money only about the music. Even though he has had some great achievements the real accomplishment is the way he makes every fan feel through his music. He puts so much feeling and power through his work. Being the most popular member of AC/DC he is known for his onstage antics that get the crowd going wild. To this day, eve...

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...hat they are the best rock band around.
So, because of Angus Young's ecstatic guitar playing, Bon Scott's powerful shouts of his raunchy vocals, and AC/DC's living legacy it proves that AC/DC is the best rock band in all of history and will remain that way. Angus's guitar playing sets the world on fire, Bon's vocals send pants through the roof and AC/DC's legacy will never end. AC/DC will forever have a place in every fans heart and soul and will always be rocking.

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