The History of Meditation

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Meditation is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures throughout the world. Meditation is thought to help drive out our negative mental attitudes and feelings that create tension and unnecessary stress in our lives. It is also intended to purify the mind while allowing for a phase of reflection and consciousness of the present time. According to Manosha, meditation if practiced regularly, it helps develop habitual unconscious behaviors that produce positive effects both physically and psychologically (1138). Western societies have adopted meditation in their daily lives to help alleviate stress, improve concentration, memory, and overall physical wellness. Studies have proven that meditation has help diminish frequent visits to the doctor and in turn reduce some unnecessary medical expenses. Stevens describes two stages of meditation, passive and active, along with four different stages of meditation: Pratyahara; Dharana; Dhyana; and Samadi (16-18). A positive aspect of meditation is the ability to neutralize negative thoughts of the daily stresses we encounter from past events in our lives or excessive worry of future events. Meditation involves achieving a state of “thoughtless awareness” according to many practitioners.
There are two general categories of meditation, Mantra and Open Mindfulness.
The word mantra has two parts: man, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind; and tra, which is the root of the word instrument. Mantra meditation requires the use of a selected instrument to concentrate your focused and attention to. Repetition of this selected mantra will help you enter in a deep state of meditation and disconnect you from negative thoughts filling your mi...

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... first did not help at all! I needed more time to meditate at first. I had to dedicate time and conscious effort and go out to my back yard by my pool and away from distractions to meditate. After the second day and a good rest, meditation, if I am doing it correctly, it relaxed me, it gave me answers to a couple of issues distracting me at my work, and I literally enjoyed the quiet time by myself. I heard my pulse and heart beat along with my uneasy breathing. I made it a point to get rid of my wrist watch during this time since I am time driven and it distracted me. By the third day, I was actually listening to specific sounds of birds and insects behind my property. Now, I think that I am enjoying my quiet time and the stillness of meditation, although I am not totally sure if my experience in this very short time is real meditation. Only time will tell.
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