The History and Current Economics of Nissan

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The Nissan Motor Company was originally founded as Kwaishinsha Company in 1911. Its first car, the DAT car, was released in 1914 named after its founders Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama, Meitaro Takeuchi last names, creating an acronym using the first letter from each. In 1921 Kwaishinsha Company merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. under the name of DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Ten years later DAT created the first Datsun cara few years before control was taken by Nissan (Funding Universe).

After Nissan took control of DAT they produced the Datsun car until the beginning of the Second World War.“During this war the company shifted to war production, making military trucks, and engines for fighter planes and torpedo boats.” (Beyman).Once the war was over, Nissan continued to manufacture trucks until production of the Datsun car continued two years later. In 1951 Nissan finally became a publically traded company.

Between the years of 1959-1966 Nissan produced 3 new cars, the Bluebird, the Cedric, and the Sunny. With the release of these cars Nissan’s sales rose and it helped them expand internationally due to the popularity of the cars. 1966 also marked the year that Nissan merged with Prince Motor Company Ltd. In 1959 Nissan created its subsidy in the U.S. but did not truly see its full potential in the market until the oil crisis in 1973. It was this crisis that drew customers towards their more fuel efficient vehicles leading to great success for Nissan in the U.S. market. (

Until 1981 the Nissan Company was still known as Datsun in the U.S.By the late 80’s Nissans direct competitors, Toyota, and Honda, were both working into the luxury car class. To keep with competition Nissan launched its Infiniti automobile lin...

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