The History and Benefits of Physical Education, and Why I Want to be a PE Teacher

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Ever since kindergarten, I have always been interested in physical education. Physical education (P.E) has always been my favorite class in school because that it has to do with physical exercise and being physically fit.

The purpose of this research is to first define physical education. Then, I will explore the history of P.E. In the following section, I will compare and contrast the PE curriculum from past to present. Next, a description of the schooling requirements to become a physical education teacher will be given. Finally, I will share a reflection of my experience with an actual Physical Education teacher. Being a P.E teacher is the career I want, so why not research and get ahead on things?

What is physical education?

What is physical education? Simply stated, Wikipedia defines it as “Training in the development of and care for the human body.” Everyone needs physical education to keep a healthy body and healthy mind. Some people just do not understand how physical education can help you keep the right mentality. The most important thing about physical education is the curriculum, or how the students are going to be taught. The state of Ohio does not have any specific curricula for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school physical education. The school districts have the choice of using their own curriculum. The state of Ohio is required to provide physical education to all students from elementary to high school students. From kindergarten to eighth grade, schools are to provide physical education as a part of their course of study. Lisa Lyle Henry, a physical education consultant from the Ohio Department of Education states, “Schools may assign instructional time in a manner that be...

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...lege to become a physical education teacher.

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