The History Of Land Problems In Afghanistan

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I. Introduction: Land problem has been one of the most controversial issues in the history of Afghanistan. It has been one of the main problems the capital city Kabul has to face. Resolving rural land property and tenure problems is essential for tackling ongoing instability and the sluggish recovery from war, conflict and drought conditions in Afghanistan. Disputes over land are manifold and are bound to rise with increased refugee return and internally displaced persons moving back to their native places. These disputes are over private properties as well as pastures, though to differing degrees. Evidence suggests that pastures are the principal source of conflict in Afghanistan mainly in Kabul City because they involve and affect more people than conflicts over farms or houses, often inflaming ethnic problems and cross-cutting with unresolved conflicting arable and pastoral land needs. Furthermore, availability and access to pasture as a resource are fundamental features of the Afghan socio-economy and as such represent the backbone of livelihoods for a majority of rural househo...
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