Overview of Afghanistan's Woes

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Afghanistan is classified as the as the fifth least developed country in the world, by the UN global human development index which ranks each country by their citizens income, life expectancy and the populations literacy rate, National Human Development Report (NHDR) for 2007.
Afghanistan’s classification as one of the least developed nations in the world. The countries downfall began when the Soviet Union invaded the nation in 1979. Similar conflicts have also plagued the nation 35 years onwards.

1. Afghanistan’s low economic development has caused widespread poverty throughout the rural and urban areas of the country. It’s estimated that 42 per cent of Afghanistan’s population lives below the national poverty line. While, 20 per cent of the population live just above that line and are highly vulnerable of falling into poverty.
Afghanistan’s low economic development is the result of a basic lack of resources those of which affect the majority of the Afghan population who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Afghanistan has little land which can be cultivated per person. The climate of Afghanistan is very harsh in most areas. In addition, Afghanistan has already lost most of their assets due to 30 years of armed conflict.
Despite the significant improvements brought forward in 2001 to improve governance, public transport infrastructure and social services. Three decades of conflict have left most Afghans in conditions of terrible financial and living hardship and insecurity. Much infrastructure remains to be reconstructed, and internal markets are still disrupted.

The Afghan population is suffering from absolute poverty in Afghanistan is closely related to the high illiteracy rate in rural areas where a large majority...

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...such an influx of workers will create a huge growth in the afghan economy, as major companies would look to invest in factories and other such infrastructure However for Afghanistan to improve the U.S forces have to leave, especially when trying to prove to the world they cannot just survive but thrive on their own. How will investors invest in the countries resources when its highly reliant on the U.S’s declining economy.

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