The Health Care System : Employer Funded Health Insurance

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The United States has a wide range of health care that is privately funded, and a lot of the rationing is by costs: the individuals gets what he or she can or what their employer can pay for to help insure their employees. Our previous health care system is employer-funded health insurance is existent due to the federal government supported it by making the insurance premiums tax deductible. Concerning the public sector, which is mainly Medicare, Medicaid, and hospital emergency room, medical care is limited or controlled by long wait times, expensive copays, reduced costs to physicians that even discourage some of them from assisting public patients and rations on disbursements to hospitals. Health coverage premiums have already doubled more in 10 years, increasing four times quicker than wages. In May, Medicare’s recipients forewarned that the program’s greatest fund is headed towards bankruptcy in about eight years. Health care now engrosses about one dollar in every six the U.S. expends, which is a total that goes beyond the share expended by any other country. As stated by the Congressional Budget Office and it’s on the trail to double by 2035. It is very tough to see how our county as a whole can continue to be competitive if in 26 years we are expending almost a third of what we make and receive on medical care, although other industrialized countries are expending a lesser amount but attaining health results as good as, or better than, the United States (Singer, 2009). In my opinion, I don’t believe the current healthcare system cannot continue running in its current form. If everything stays the same and nothing changes, Medicare will continue to be broke and the elderly population will not receive the care that they ... ... middle of paper ... ...e testing, procedures, and treatments that are at best pointless, needless, and at most harmful. Other ways to promote a better health care system would be to lead with Medicare by means of applying a sharp, well –defined vision for alternating disbursements to better promote accountability for enhancing the important and significance of medical care. Utilize HIT systems to streamline gathering of data and recording, and creating enhanced evidence on which delivery method works the best. Promote endeavors at the state and regional levels to permit private and public payers, which consists of Medicare and Medicaid, to partake in public-private advantages that are directed to utilizing more enhanced, outcome-centered performance measures that supports and assists reimbursement and benefit restricting that endorses accountability for better value (Brennan et al., 2009).

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