The Great Fall: The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Great Fall
The Roman Empire was the mightiest force on the planet at its height in 117 CE. The empire spread great feats of technology and engineering to ever corner of their empire, these feats included great roadways and magnificent aqueducts. While the Romans had influences all over the known world, it was the little known Germanic people that would leave this great empire in ruin. This essay will discuss how the Germanic invasions and a vast empire divided ultimately killed this once great empire.
Rome’s Great Split
The Imperial Crisis is the time period which is used to describe the split of the Roman Empire. During this time, a constant civil war was being waged, as various military leaders fought for control of the empire. While military leaders looked to gain control of the empire, the population was dealing with widespread social unrest, economic instability due in part to the devaluation of Roman currency, and the dissolution of the empire that broke into three separate regions. These would be known as the Gallic, Roman and Palmyrene Empires.
The three would be brought back together by Diocletian, who began his rule in 284 CE (Gunnell, 2014). However,
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This over reach and over indulgence is partially to blame for the empire’s great downfall. The massive empire faced an administrative and logistical nightmare, even with the excellent road system. The government struggled to amass enough soldiers and resources to defend its territories from local rebellions and outside attacks, and by 122 CE, the Emperor Hadrian was forced to build his famous wall in the Roman providence of Britannia just to keep the enemy out of roman territories. As more and more funding was required to keep up military strength and upkeep of the empire, technological advancement slowed to a standstill and Rome’s municipal infrastructure fell into
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