Factors For Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

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Reasons of Roman Decline
Roman Empire was one of the greatest and the largest ruling party. Roman Empire lasted for more than 500 years. After nearly half millennium of rule, the roman finally lost their grip on Europe in the 5th century (The History of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon). There were a lot of factors and cause which led to the fall of Roman Empire. Not all the factors were that important or more accurately leading to roman fall, not all the Factor had an equal impact on roman fall. There was some factor which affected Roman Empire to fall while other was low in rank to them. Roman Empire did not fall in one night. There was no specific order of the causes for the fall of the Roman Empire different events occurred over its
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" . the rapid growth of the empire led to the need to defend the borders and territories of Rome"(The History of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon)). This statement explains one of the reasons of political corruption in the empire. The empire began to extend and resources fell short. The soldiers who were appointed to save the Guard the emperor became corrupt due to lack of resources and differences in the government. The Praetorian Guard (elite soldiers to Guard emperor) turned against the emperor and this corruption grew to such extent that the soldiers decided to dispose the king. “The story of Sejanus, who was the commander of Praetorian Guard during the region of Tiberius, illustrates the extent of the praetorians"(The Southern Literary Messenger, Thompson). This statement is enough to make an idea that how bad the system got. Soldiers made their own party and were against the emperor. There was no one to control them. This shows the dysfunction of the empire. "At one point the Praetorian Guard sold at the highest bidder"(The Southern Literary Messenger, Thompson). Situation got so

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