The Importance Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire is known as one of the most powerful and influential empires the world has ever seen. At it’s height, this Empire had peace, economic prosperity and was expanding. Roman cities contributed to a fair amount of this success because they contributed to many advances during Pax Romana and united the empire. After the fall of the Empire, Christianity survived because although the empire separated into many kingdoms they were still being influenced by the religion. Some would say that the Roman Empire was at it’s height during the rule of Augustus because it was a time of Pax Romana. During this time, the empire saw many advances particularly in architecture and engineering. It’s cities were connected through roads that were built for, “first and foremost moving armies and secondarily, for moving goods and people” (Cole and Symes 133). These roads gave them a military advantage that helped evade enemies by allowing their troops to move around quickly. Trade was also easier …show more content…

Lady Balthild acted as queen regent after the death of the King Clovis Ⅱ. The Life of Lady Balthild, Queen of the Franks shows how much of a growing influence Christianity had on Merovingian culture. In the text it states that other queens in the kingdom of the Franks worshipped Christ like Clothild, queen of King Clovis Ⅰ and niece of King Gundobad who was king of the Burgundians. It also states that she, “led both her very brave and pagan husband and many Frankish nobles to Christianity and brought them to the Catholic faith”(Lualdi 171). All of the character traits the author chooses to emphasize about Balthild and these queens are all connected with religion, i.e. her virtue, charity and piety. This makes me think about how important Christianity was to this culture and the role it still played after the fall of the Roman

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