The Gospel Of Mark Essay

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The book of Mark is one of the four Gospels of Jesus found in the Bible. The Gospel of Mark is the second book followed right after the Gospel of John. The author of this book was been debatably between scholars for the past centuries. It is indicated like the other three gospels like Mark, the author are anonymous. Guelich, R. A. (1989) states in his commentary, “the identity of the author is more a historical curiosity than an exegetical necessity” (p. 29). However, many of them have found new evidence that suggests there have been more than one author involved in writing the book. The World Biblical Commentary explains that the gospel may have not come from the pen of a writer or an author but is the gospel message from God promised by Isaiah and expressed in the teachings of and stories about Jesus Messiah (Guelich, 1989, p.25). Furthermore, this indicates that the writer was writing down messages from God and not his own writings. However, the book also indicated that Mark is …show more content…

Mark provided the early church with a distinctive literary genre, the gospel (Guelich, 1998, p.19). Therefore, it is indicated that his work most likely served as a pattern for Matthew and Luke and contributed to the eventual use of gospel as a literary designation in the early church. According to Guelich, “numerous early Christian writings are called gospels and many attempts have been made to identify more precisely the literary genre of the gospels in general and mark’s gospel in particular and the variety of recent suggestions includes an apocalypse, a drama, a Hellenistic aretalogy and a biography” (Guelich, 1998, p.19). Another genre for mark is narrative which is about telling a story. According to Guelich, “”Mark [is] read as a narrative” (1998, p.22).For example, in the beginning of Mark is narratives about Jesus with the baptism of John the Baptist and the ending on a notes about the

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