What a Study of Mark's Gospel can Tell Christians About the Nature of Discipleship

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What a Study of Mark's Gospel can Tell Christians About the Nature of Discipleship

In Mark's Gospel, the true nature of Discipleship to Christians was

giving all that they have in the service of God and of other people.

Also giving time and money to help others and requires total

commitment. It was important in Mark's Gospel because Christians were

being persecuted for their beliefs in Jesus. True Christian

Discipleship means being prepared to accept this suffering even if it

leads to death.

Christian discipleship was reached out to anyone. In mark's Gospel,

Discipleship may mean leaving everything behind to follow the

Christian way of life. In Mk 1-16-20 Jesus calls four fishermen by the

lake. He said,

'Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men'. They dropped

everything and left immeadiately with Jesus. This here is effective

because they left without any explanation and just left they were

doing behind. Jesus called these people to be his Disciples. They were

different from the people in Mark's community because they either had

problems, were bad or of low-class. Discipleship is the willingness to

be dependant on God; to trust that he will provide through others.

This teaches Christians today that Jesus has a call for everyone.

Individual people have their own specialty, own uniqueness, which

Jesus favors most. Everybody is accepted. God's call is more important

than anything else. Discipleship requires a total commitment, whatever

occupation you are doing, you are required to turn your back on

personal wishes and commit yourself to God regardless of the cost.

Jesus knew that his work for God would lead to suffering and Death.

His disciples had to be prepared to suffer for their beliefs and

Discipleship. Mk 8:34-8 Jesus tells his disciples that the cost of

Discipleship means to deny self, to take up cross and to follow him.

This here is the true Nature of Discipleship because is the base of

Discipleship. You have to go through these challenges if you want to

be a true Disciple of God.
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