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In the Bible’s New Testaments the book of Matthew is of Gospels genre. In the Old Testament God appointed the people who we know as prophets. They were the ones to describe Jesus life and work. What they wrote, those things did happen during Jesus life on earth. The book of Matthew explains to everyone who doesn’t believe it that Jesus is Christ. It means that Christ is God’s King. People were told by the prophets that they will be saved by the Christ from punishment for their evil deeds. This is the book about Jesus life. It teaches what Matthew wrote in this book about what Jesus taught. It even included the speech by Jesus called “The Sermon on the Mount” in chapters 5-7. It even went on to say that many ill people were cured by Jesus, blind people were able to see again, deaf people were able to hear again and Jesus even freed people who were possessed by evil spirits. There were some people who happen to hate Jesus. Jesus was killed by those who hated him on a cross. According to the prophets they had already written that Jesus would die (Isaiah 53; Matthew 12:40). Jesus was the one to suffer all the punishment from other people’s evil deeds after his death (Matthew 20:28, Matthew 26:28).


In the Bible’s New Testaments the book of Acts is of Narrative genre and is also called the Acts of the Apostles. It is written by Luke who happens to be the author of Gospel of Luke. This book tells a story of first Christians. After the death of Jesus (as mention in “Matthew”) as he went to heaven the Christians waited in Jerusalem. After Holy Spirits were sent by God, the first Christians were given the power by them. And they end up telling the people about Jesus. It was the Christians who explained t...

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...evil and demonic forces that exists in this world. This book uses the picture stories to reveal the future events. The stories in the book are very difficult to explain. This book also that Satan will increase his persecution among the believers. Even in this difficult time they were to stand firm even during the time of their death. Those who are faithful believers always believed that the wicked will be destroyed forever and they are sealed form harm. Therefore it allowed people of God to enter the eternity and glory. The repetition of number “seven” is done by 52 times in this book and it is the unique feature of the book. This book falls under four different groups, for example: Historicists, Futurists, Idealists, and Idealists. Many Christians try to avoid reading this book simply because to them they find it intimidating and it talks about the end times.

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