The Future of Our Precious Environment

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The Future of our Precious Environment The most effective way of sustaining the environment has been an enduring, controversial argument. Some believe that the only way of saving the environment is by considering it sacred and leaving it untouched, which relates to John Muir’s idea of preservation. Others understand that it is impossible to draw a line between civilization and the environment, but there can be a balance between the two. This is what Gifford Pinchot argued through his idea of conservation, which he defines as “the wise management of natural resources” (Hott & Garey). In contemporary United States, the dispute between the two approaches is seen by the way environment issues are being acknowledged; such as climate change, deforestation, and high pollution. Though people who share John Muir’s idea of preservation believe it is the most effective way, it is clear that people who see that civilization and the environment coincide will agree with Gifford Pinchot’s idea of conservation. The best policy to sustaining the environment is by gaining, as Edward O. Wilson explains in The Solution, an “environmental ethic” that will make people feel responsible for their fragile environment and replenish what is taken from it (510). This will prevail in contemporary American society, because a balance between civilization and the environment will allow for modern, developed countries, which damage the environment most, to be sustained. It will allow for the needs of underdeveloped countries, trying to survive, to be met. It will allow for a lasting future for our precious environment. Everyone has their own perspective of the best way to saving the environment, thus there is no clear, cut answer to how it should be protected. In... ... middle of paper ... ... countries that suffered most from the devastating changes of the environment. The greatest way of conserving nature has no clear-cut solution. Some will argue that by leaving it untouched is the only way it will survive. Others say that by learning to utilize the environment responsibly, the benefits from using it will allow advancement of civilization. The policy that allows a balance between nature and society is gaining an “environmental ethic” that makes people feel a responsibility towards their environment and in return, replenish whatever is used from it. This policy will succeed because is it the best way, especially for the short time left to take action before it’s too late, for developed countries to be sustained, to help underdeveloped countries to survive, and most importantly, for the environment to continue to live and thrive for futures to come.
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