The Future Of The Past And Present And The Future

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Life is made up of fleeting moments that pass without even realizing it. We have the past with greatly influences who we are today. The present is a brief gift that is happening now, the decisions we take to create a future. And the future is uncertain but is influenced by the past and present. In my case, my life was a chain of decisions of the past that have created my present and clarified what I want in my future. Through my life I have been multifaceted, in the past, I was a playful little girl to an elite gymnast in Spain, in the present I’m a college student focused on her goals and objectives and in the future I hope to be a pediatrician who helps and fulfills dreams of those in need. Even though I don’t remember the first image…show more content…
I guess what everyone wants is a family, live comfortably, overcome obstacles and fulfill all their dreams. Definitely, those are also my goals but being honest I have a big important goal, which is to remain happy. I think being happy and of course working to accomplish goals or dreams, they will come to me. If I look forward, in order of importance are four things I would like to achieve and those things are family, love and my contribution to the world and myself. As to the family, I would like to be always with them when they need me, I would like to repay with actions and love everything they have done for me and I wish one day that they will be proud of the person I have become. About love I would like to marry, create a family that won’t lack love and comprehension and teach them the values that my parents took root in me. Also, I would love to contribute to the world in a positive way and if in the future I’m a doctor, I will create a beneficial association. In which I will travel to third world countries to help those who can’t fund or don’t have the opportunity to go to the hospital and If I contribute to the world I contribute to myself creating happiness in my heart, that after all is what

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