The Forms Of Relationships

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Barbara Streisand once sang, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world,” but what does it mean to need someone? Needing someone means that one person relies on another person to be happy. Having someone that brings you joy and comfort is a beautiful thing. Reciprocating that joy and comfort is even more beautiful. This reciprocation creates a bond between two people, which increases their need for each other. This need blossoms into a relationship that yields many advantages. But what makes up a relationship? Many kinds of relationships exist throughout the world. Many people are involved in multiple relationships. People all over the world search for people to create relationships with. The most common is the search for a one true love. People search for years to find that one person to share a life with. These people who fall in love work hard for years to keep each other happy. However, a relationship does not have to mean romance. Relationships also…show more content…
Trust is the ability to rely on others with the knowledge that they will not fail. Trust comes in a variety of forms. Trusting a person with basic tasks is one form of trust. This completion of basic tasks creates reliability. Over time reliability brings the relationship to the next level of trust. In this level, the partners are secure in the knowledge that they can rely on each other through experience. Without trust, people in relationships are more likely to break apart and become independent. What makes this form different from the first form? The tasks become personal and the partners discover the other’s personality. The final level of trust is the discussion of internal thoughts and conflicts with each other. Each partner discovers the others hopes, goals, and worries. People who need people try to raise hopes, accomplish goals, and resolve worries of the other. This helpfulness creates strong relationships that provide comfort and
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