The Fenian Movement

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The Fenian Movement

Fenian Movement, which was organized 1858, started as a secret revolutionary society in Ireland and the United States. This movement was created in the honor of the Fianna, known as the ancient Irish warriors. Fenians wanted to achieve Irish Independence from England by force. This movement was also known as the Fenian Brotherhood, Fenian Society, Irish Republican Brotherhood, and Irish American Brotherhood. The Fenians also had a very strong military force located in Ireland. The reason for a strong army in the society was to gain independence from England. This movement was led by James Stephens from 1825 to 1901. He founded the party, the Irish People, in Dublin 1863. The Fenian Movement mostly appeals to the artisans and agrarians (REF). The reason for this was that the agrarians and artisans were the oppressed class in this society. With their support the Fenian army was going to be stronger and successful. In their voyage things weren't easy because of the fact that the Church and the Government (the biggest two powers in this society) were as against this movement. The independence of the Fenians was going to bring them a loss of power. As a result, the church and the government were against their desire of leaving England and becoming independent.

There were many things that led to the aggravation and frustration of the Irish Fenians. Making them to rebel and start new movements to conquer their goal of British independence. Many of the Irish people gather into big groups and fought together. Two of the most important leaders that worked and searched for Irish independence were Mitchel and William Smith O'Brien.

The authorities initially ignored Mitchel's activities. As 1848 dev...

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...that is one of the main reasons why Irish people immigrated to United States and Canada. Although the Great Famine played an essential role on this move. I can imagine myself in their shoes. It was a hard time but they survive and became better people, spreading the Irish Culture and name through the world.

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