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Is Becoming a Pediatrician Worth It? Pediatricians specifically strive to improve the health of babies, children, teens, and even young adults; basically anybody within the ages of 0 to 21 years old. They care for their health and are in charge of making a diagnosis; treating various things such as infections, injuries, and any other dysfunctions. Becoming a Pediatrician is worth the years of schooling and long work hours because many children’s health and lives will be impacted in a positive way and also because some unique patient encounters will resonate within you. Sometimes money and stress simply cannot replace meaningful moments such as those that can be experienced while working as a pediatrician.
The process of becoming a Pediatrician is an extremely long one; they are required to receive a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before attending an additional four years at a medical school. Once an approximate 8 years of schooling have been completed, another one to eight years of training, also known as a residency, is required where they will practice medicine under the supervision of a senior qualified doctor. Residencies vary depending on the specialization of the doctor such as being a general physician or a Pediatric surgeon. Once the residency has been …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that becoming a pediatrician is worth the years of schooling and long work hours because many children’s health and lives will be impacted in.
  • Explains that becoming a pediatrician takes time, patience, and preparation. they are required to complete 8 years of schooling, take national exams and apply for licensure in whichever state they wish to practice in.
  • Explains that pediatricians work long, irregular hours depending on where they work. the accreditation council for graduate medical education limits doctors-in-training to 80 hours a week, including on call hours.
  • Explains that the average salary of a pediatrician ranges from $169,000 to 189,000, depending on the number of patients seen and the amount of hours worked.

Many people would disagree and would believe that this field is definitely not worth all the work if in the end you are drowning in debt and are one of the least paid individuals within this medical field. But that is not showing the whole picture. Yes, becoming a pediatrician is understandably stressful; the field is not fitted for everyone, but debt eventually goes away and the pay, compared to minimum wage, is incredibly good; it’s also a stable job. Caring and helping different children’s lives change for the better evokes a sense of happiness that cannot be influenced by money or

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