The Evolution In Basketball: The History Of Basketball

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Everyone knows the game of basketball by now, therefore not many people know how it got started. Basketball was first discovered in Springfield, Massachusetts by a guy named Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Dr. Naismith was told by Dr. Luther Gulick, who was in charge of the Physical Education at the School of Christian Workers, to create a new game. Dr. Naismith struggled to come up with something. His first idea was to bring soccer and lacrosse inside, however that was too physical. He finally thought of an old childhood game he used to play called duck-on-the-rock. This game gave him the idea of a new game called basket ball. It wasn’t the exact game he played, although the method was similar. The game required a soccer ball, two peach baskets …show more content…

Some of the new rules are similar to Dr. Naismith, but there are a lot more rules added to the rulebook. The different rules are there can be five players from each team on the court. The hoop now has a backboard, has an eighteen inch cylinder attached, and is still ten feet off the ground. There are now many different lines added to the court; they are the foul line, three point line, baseline, sideline, and midline also known as half court. The court is seventy-four inches long and forty-two inches wide. The circumference of a men’s ball is 29.5 inches or a size seven, while the circumference of a women’s ball is 28.5 inches or a size six. The players can still pass the ball to their teammates, but for them to move with the ball, they must be dribbling. Some violations are the team has ten seconds in the back court, three seconds in the paint, five seconds to throw the ball in bounce, and five seconds with the ball while being guarded tightly. A foul is if a player trips someone, holds them, reaches over their back, has an illegal screen, shooting foul, blocking, or charges someone. If a player shoots a three pointer and then gets fouled, then the player has three foul shots, same as with a two pointer, but two foul shots. If a player gets fouled while shooting a two pointer and makes it, then the player only has one foul shot. If the shooter shoots a three pointer and makes it while getting fouled, then the player has one foul shot. Each player is allowed to have five fouls, but after the fifth one the player has to sit out for the rest of the

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