The Basketball Game: The Game Of Basketball

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17 year-old Rashim Lancit was the standard senior at LaSalle High School. His best friends were Andrew and Colin. They played together for their high school basketball team. However, Rashim loved the game of basketball more than his friends and dreamed to go to the NBA. He thought there was no way that he would make it there. However, that all changed one Friday night at the LaSalle basketball game. It was the middle of November, 7 p.m. and very chilly outside. The team was walking into the court. “The basketball court looked and felt brand new. It smelled like it was just built and ready to be played on,” Rashim excitedly explained. It was Rashim’s first game of the regular season against Wissahickon High School. Usually Rashim doesn't care about the regular season, but he found out that this could be the most important game of his life. 76ers recruiter, Matthew McLane, came to watch the game to find an incoming star to bring to the NBA. Rashim knew it was his chance to show how he is good enough for the NBA, but he was very nervous. The game …show more content…

Rashim told Colin and Andrew that they needed to help him stand out this game. Colin said, “Rashim, we want you to go to the NBA as much you want to. We got you and we're gonna make you the MVP of this game.” Rashim knew that his friends would always be by his side to help him. The timeout was over and it was almost half-time. LaSalle was down by 8 and knew they needed to come back to stay in this game. Wissahickon missed a shot, and Andrew got the rebound and passed it to Rashim and he made a three pointer! With 4 seconds Colin got a steal and threw a bullet pass to Rashim, and he got the shot off with one second left, and he made it! The crowd was filled with excitement and cheering for Rashim. “I couldn't have gotten those points without your guys’ help,” he shouted excitedly. But the game wasn't over, and LaSalle was still

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