How To Play Basketball: The History Of Basketball

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Basketball, the sport that has been around for decades. An abundant amount of people play the sport. In my opinion, it’s one of the finest sports invented. The sport itself is mentally and physically challenging. I will be explaining how to play the sport, the history of basketball, and why you should play basketball. Basketball has been around for a long while. It was first established in 1891 by James Naismith. James Naismith was once the basketball coach at Kansas University. When he invented the sport he used a peach basket as the goal. When it first originated every time they would score they’d be required to call the janitor out with a ladder to get the ball down. After a few months they cut the bottoms of the basket out. The rules …show more content…

Shooting is the main part of basketball. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score and if you don’t score you lose, and nobody likes to lose. Shooting the ball is something that takes a extreme amount of time for it to become perfect. I’ve been playing basketball for over 10 years and I still don’t know how to shoot the perfect shot. When you first learn how to dribble the ball you are required to know the rules of dribbling the ball. In basketball you can only use one hand to dribble. You can’t run with the ball unless you are dribbling. When you become an expert at dribbling you will learn to do different types of moves. For example, some of the moves you can do are a crossover, behind the back, and between the legs. These moves can be extremely difficult without practice. It took myself a couple years to master the behind the back dribble while running up the floor. Learning how to do these moves will help you escape from defenders. If all you do is dribble you’re more than likely to have the ball taken away from you. Furthermore, learning to dribble isn’t terribly difficult, but learning to dribble with your opposite hand is extremely difficult. I still at times struggle dribbling left

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