The End of the World Means an Economic Boost for Mexico

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The human race is obsessed with its own demise. We are mesmerized by tragic events, particularly natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. There is not a country in the world that has not experienced some catastrophic natural disaster. In 2011 alone, there was Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, another earthquake in New Zealand, the twister outbreak in the US, and massive flooding in Australia, all which contributed to making 2011 “one of the costliest years for natural disasters” (Llanos, 2011). Natural disasters show no prejudice; they can affect anyone, in any country, at anytime. Therefore, it is not surprising that the end of the Winter Solstice marking the end of the 13th Maya Calendar, on December 21, 2012 has generated an international interest. The media has christened this event as the “end of the world” and although many scholars stress that the end of the 13th Maya Calendar this does not mean catastrophe, it is still considered an international phenomenon for the predicated results of mass destruction will affect the entire human race (Allsop, 2012). The social institute of the media has capitalized on the world’s obsession with death with the portrayal of this apocalypse through books, internet blogs and articles, movies, and commentaries. The movie “2012” depicting the shattering events in the year 2012, for example, generated a worldwide lifetime gross of $766,812,167 (Nash Information Systems, LLC, n.d.). Interest is rising in this fascinating prediction and more people will head off to Middle American to obtain information about the Mayans. Consequently, it is not surprising that Mexico, primary home of the Mayan Civilization, would also take advantage of and benefit from this event. ... ... middle of paper ... ...Mexico Tourism Benefits from End of Maya Calendar. Retrieved February 11, 2012, from Mexico Real Estate News and Blog: Llanos, M. (2011, July 7). 2011 already costliest year for natural disasters. Retrieved February 9, 2012, from Nash Information Systems, LLC. (n.d.). Movie Budgets. Retrieved February 9, 2012, from The Numbers: The Sacramento Bee. (n.d.). Mexico Launches Mayan Tourism Campaign for 2012. Retrieved February 4, 2012, from

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