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Review of Literature
I. Introduction- History of Mega Disasters
Mega disasters, by definition are unexpected natural or man-made catastrophes of exceptional magnitude and/or causing unusually severe or unprecedented damage Ever since the beginning of time, mega disasters have shaped the planet. Even during the period of dinosaurs, mega disasters have caused our world to evolve. Mega disasters may even have contributed to the evolution of our species. Even though our existence may be the cause of them happening, not all have been beneficial. Throughout the course of history, there have been some really tragic disasters that have claimed the lives of millions of people and destroyed our economy. To mention a few in recent times, Hurricane Katrina, Mount St. Helens, The Haiti Earthquake, The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, The 1993 Superstorm, etc. Not all mega disasters have caused death and destruction, but over time most have. Most causes for these disasters have been the combination of weather, climate, chemicals, and nature. For example, earthquakes are the cause of Earth's tectonic plates moving (not all of them are but most). Earthquakes cause the ground to shake and buildings to collapse.
As said in the beginning of the introduction, they can also be man-made. Oil spills are man-made disasters. They pollute the environment or marine area, and kill the animals. These disasters are easier to clean up, but they can still take a while. In this report, different types of mega disasters will be mentioned and explained in great detail. The focus of this is to investigate and predict which one is most likely to occur, and end the world. As said, mega disasters may have contributed to our existence and the creation of our world. Howev...

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...ntries ( According to Jucelino, “deaths of people and destruction of property will be immense.”
In 1950, Cumbre Vieja on the island of La Palma started to attract attention. Its western side collapsed and sank four meters below the ocean a year earlier (1949) Experts believe that boards of land are still slipping slowly into the sea . And that the next eruption, should make all the west side of the mountain collapse. Between the 1st to the 25th of November 2013, with a delay of up to five years maximum; this should occur. These types of disasters are rare, but similar disasters do occur every 12 to 13 thousand years. And who knows La Palma could collapse much earlier, depending on the conditions. However, when this does occur, lets all pray that we will be ready for it.

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