The Elections

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Presidential elections have taken place every four years for more than two hundred years. This year is no exception. The forerunners in the 2000 elections are Governor George Bush (Republican) and Vice President Al Gore (Democrat). These candidates have strong and different views on many issues such as crime, abortion and energy. Crime is a major concern of all American citizens and has been addressed by the majority of candidates in past elections., a web site designed to keep voters informed on the candidates and their stand points on different issues, state that “Al Gore believes that there is no more fundamental responsibility than to make Americans safer and more secure…in there in their homes, on the sidewalks, and in their communities.” Gore also helped pass the “three strikes and you’re out” law. This law was designed to keep career criminals off the streets, expands the death penalty to drug lords, and about sixty additional kinds of violent felons (Al Gore on Issue of Crime/Drugs.) George Bush’s view on crime is plain and simple, tough love. Bush firmly believes that criminals should suffer the consequences for their actions. The backbone of Bush’s view on crime is the death penalty. While Bush was in office more than 134 criminals were executed on Texas’ Death Row. Bush is quoted, “ I support the death penalty because I Mace 2 believe…capital punishment is a deterrent against future violence and will save other innocent lives” (George Bush on Issue of Crime/Drugs.) Abortion is another important issue at the center stage of both candidates’ campaigns. Gore is pro-choice. He believes that women have the right to choose and plans on making abortion safe, legal, and rare. Kate Michelum, President of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, has supported Gore. Michelum stated,” Vice President Gore and the Clinton Administration have always been dedicated to the principles embodied in Roe v. Wade.” Gore is also currently fighting for $4.5 million to fund additional security enhancements for clinics deemed at risk of violence (Al Gore on Issue of Abortion.) Bush is pro-life with the exceptions of rape, incest, and if the life of the mother is endangered. Bush believes that all children should be welcome to life and protected by law. Bush also supports parental notification standards, no use of taxpayer funds for abortions, ... ... middle of paper ... has the experience of being the Vice President, which is also going to help him out. Bush seems to be a big spender and I don't think I could trust his republican government with the money that I put out for taxes. With all of this in mind I guess everyone else and myself will see if my hypothesis is right when voting day comes. Bibliography Gore Seeks To Broaden Economy Pitch. Ed. Mike Glover. 21 October 2000 Presidency 2000: Albert “Al” Gore, Jr. Ed. Ron Gunzburger. 10 October 2000 Presidency 2000: George W. Bush Ed. Ron Gunzburger. 10 October 2000 Al Gore. 5 October 2000 Al Gore: The Road To The White House. 5 October 2000 George W. Bush: Biography. 18 September 2000 GeorgeBush.Com: Dick Chaney Biography. 18 September 2000 Nader Shows No Intention Of Easing Attacks On Gore. Ed. Dana Calvo. 21 October 2000 Gore’s Gun Problem. Ed. Karen Tumulty. 22 October 2000 Issues 2000 22 September 2000 Issues 2000 22 September 2000 Gore, Bush Seek Return To Campaign Themes, But International Policy dominates. Ed. Reuters 13 October 2000 Gore: Social Security Must Remain A Fundamental Gurantee Of Retirement Security. 10 October 2000 Al Gore: Joseph Leiberman Biography. 18 September 2000

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