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Lions to the Ballot Box In his opinion post, ‘Lions to the Ballot Box’ Charles M Blow has highlighted the various issues related with the abstinence of American voters. The opinion pieces in New York Times generally reflect scholars’ opinions of various issues of national and international importance and often raise very important issues. Most often, these opinion pieces are directed at raising the awareness among readers regarding various issues and generate attention as well as response to these issues. Blow’s article is in fact a brilliant piece of opinion in which he explores how and why a large part of American population abstains from casting the ballot. Blow mainly claims that the American voters are like lions, who have forgotten to roar. They have the power but have forgotten to exercise it. Usually, opinion pieces contain very deep thoughts on issues and also engage the audience or the readers by calling for urgent action. Seen in this perspective, Blow’s article is truly representative of the opinion articles in which authors engage their audiences with fiery ideas encouraging them to take action. (Blow, 2014) The issue of low voter turnout is not an unfamiliar topic for most of us. We already know of this issue, but certainly we must not have cast a glance on the issue in the same perspective as Charles M Blow has written. He attracts the readers’ attention to the problem at the center at once, which is nothing but the voters’ ignorance. He deeply explores the question that why the same voter who knows that to solve most of his problems he would need the government of his choice does not show any enthusiasm when it comes to casting his valuable ballot. The same problems remain there year after year and election after e... ... middle of paper ... ...e been ignored. One should note that the effect of low voter turnout may be felt even strongly by the voters and mostly it is those of us who do not vote that keep complaining of the system and its shortcomings. Blow makes readers think and form their own opinion that if the solution really lies in their own hands and if things can change really as drastically if take action. It will be hardly different as per our opinion either and the things may really change as we wish them to. So, the time is for action and not to complain as Blow mentions. His article presents a well informed opinion which resonates with what most of us may think. So, the most important lesson that the article gives is that it is only our own neglect and ignorance that later reflects as the problems we complain of. Blow’s article makes for a fine opinion piece which is also highly enlightening.

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