The Effects of Unhealthy Human Sexuality on Whole Person Health

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Unhealthy sexual activity has a profound effect on one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being because there is a chemical release that occurs during orgasm that creates a bond between two people; soul ties are created with each sexual encounter; engaging in early sexual activity fosters unhealthy views; sexual abuse is somewhat common, and it is destructive; pornography and the lack of a father figure results in unhealthy views of one’s self. Exploring the chemical bond reveals that there has been much research in regards to the chemicals released in the brain during sexual activity and the effect that the bonds created during such activity has on one’s whole person health. Dr. Douglas Weiss is a noted expert in the field of sexual addiction and pornography. He has researched the brain and has provided insight into the possibility that a bonding occurs through chemicals released in the brain during sexual activity. A renowned Scientist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, also researched the idea of conditioning. He determined that a conditioning can occur that teaches the brain to recognize a familiar event or activity that reminds one of a desired feeling. (Wilson 43-44) The theory suggests that the chemical acts like super glue on the soul. The souls are “glued” by the chemical, and it is impossible to separate the two souls without damage. In essence, the studies established that the brain becomes addicted to such behaviors. Learned behaviors lead to such addictions. According to research the brain learns behaviors or is trained. “The pleasure center of the brain is the most easily trained part of the human mind. This place in the brain is called the Medial Pre-optic Nucleus (MPN), and when the body experiences great pleasure,... ... middle of paper ... ...nee, In.: Evangel Press, 1996. Keroack, Eric J M.D. and Diggs, John R. M.D. "Bonding Imperative." A Special Report from the Abstinence Clearing House (April 30, 2001). Quinlan, Robert J. "Father Absence, Parental Core amd Female Reproductive Development." Evolution and Human Behavior (November 2003): 376-390. Scicurious. Ocytocin: Starting with the Basics. 9 November 2009. 2 March 2011 . Teachman, J.D. "The Childhood Living Arrangements of Children and the Characterisitcs of Their Marriages." Journal of Family Issues Issue 25 (January 2003): 86-111. Weiss, Douglas M.D. The Final Freedom. Fort Worth, Texas: Discovery Press, 1998. Wilson, Barbars. The Invisble Bond. Sisters, Oregon: Multnomaf, 2006. Wolf, Naomi. "Why Porn Turns Men Off to the Real Thing." New York Times Magazine
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