Growing Up Without A Father Essay

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A major problem in our society today is the absence of fathers in the home and in the lives of their children. I believe that growing up in a two parent household gives a child the best chance to be successful. My theory is that the absence of a father greatly affects the outcome of the child’s life and limits their opportunity for success. For the sake of this argument success will be measured by education level, mental state and crime. I will explore what effects, if any, the absence of a father has on these factors of success. From my research, in a household without a father present things are more likely to go wrong in the child’s life giving a high chance that this child will grow up to have some of the following problems. The child…show more content…
Another possible outcome of growing up without a father is the increased chances of a life of crime for the child. For example, these fatherless children are more likely to become murderers, and have higher rates of juvenile crime than children from two-parent homes (Williams, 2014). Another effect I see of the absence of a father is in the level of education. The child is more likely to have bad grades, lower test scores, and perhaps lower IQ levels. Most concerning is that the child is much more likely to become a drop out and become trouble for the community (Gabel, 2004). The research supports the theory of a father’s absence having negative effects on the child’s life. Nearly one third of…show more content…
The negative rates are just too high to ignore. Everyday problems occur mostly because of this lack of fathers, and a lot of people are getting killed, raped, and dropping out of school. To many people, looking in, this may seem like a small issue but in the eyes of the child it is truly a game changer. This ends up contributing to if the child makes something of their life or is more likely to fall in the negative statistical groups listed earlier. Depression is more than likely. I myself go through this at times so I can honestly say its true for me and I believe 100 % of this. Society should take an interest in children who grow up without a father because who knows if that kid next door or in your community could become trouble for the area that you lay your head at and making it unsafe for you and your family. You can see how this can become a bigger problem for society as a whole if we do not pay attention to others. Just because it is not happening in your house or your family it does not mean it will never affect you. That being said, we as a society are doing a better job of responding to this problem. Programs like Boys and Girls Club, My Brother’s Keeper and Big Brothers Big Sisters look to fill this gap in our society specifically among fatherless boys (Joiner, 2016). From my experience, these programs/people build relationships and care about what is going on in the child’s

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