Athletic Trainer Essay

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Athletic Trainer Athletic Trainers play a crucial part in today’s professional sports. They also help on lower levels of sports in high school, and college level teams. The job of an athletic trainer is simple yet very important, they are charged with treating, and preventing injuries. A trainer does this by developing therapies to reduce pain, and improve mobility (“Athletic Trainer Salaries”). They have to stand for long periods of time, work well with athletes of different sizes, move or carry equipment around, good mobility and communication skills to give instructions (“Athletic Trainer, Healthcare Program”). These trainers serve as a crucial part of an athlete getting back into their sport. Athletic trainers usually work under the direction of a physician, so they are like the Doctor’s healing hands in action. The education in this field determines how much the specific Trainer will be paid. Employers require a “Minimum of bachelor’s degree in health related field, with a current National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) certification”("Athletic Trainer, Healthcare Program."). Getting a masters degree will increase your chances of getting a job. An advanced degree will also help you get paid more than an applicant…show more content…
According to an article I read “the field is expected to grow by 21% from 2012 to 2022” ("Athletic Trainer Salaries"). According to Indeed here in Virginia there are 163 athletic trainer jobs looking to be filled ("Athletic Trainer Jobs in Virginia"). The salary range for athletic trainers is a “low $ 34,250, High $ 51,500 and the average is $ 44,720” ("Athletic Trainer Salaries"). There are some outliers though some trainers can be paid several tens of thousands over this figure. Although the pay is not the best in the world during our interview with Jess, he said that the best part about his job is interacting with athletes, and helping them get back to doing what they love
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