The Effects of Music on my Life

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Paul Hindemith stated, “People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least not while the music lasts.” I have found this to be very accurate whether it is differences between band-mates or personal conflicts. I have played bass guitar for many different bands for around twenty years now. In this time, I have had to deal with several types of musicians and situations which has resulted in a love/hate relationship for me with my music. There are times when I feel like things would be so much better if I just enjoy my music by myself at home, but it is like a strong magnet that pulls me back every time. It is very difficult to explain, but I guess it is just part of who I am. One thing is true for me, whether the surroundings are affecting me in a positive way or negative, when the music starts, I feel as if I drift off into a different world. While my eyes are open, I do not see anything, I can only hear. Music has played a large part in my family mostly due to my mother and her father. As a child, watching them each play was very inspir...

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