The Effects Of Happy Ending

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the high percentage of infected persons among populations of drug users. This makes it a worldwide health challenge. Drug abuse leads to the world’s top social issues. It leads to child abuse, stress, violence and drugged driving. Either misuse of doctor’s prescription or use of illegal drugs can make driving a vehicle unsafe similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. It risks the life of both the driver and the passengers. Studies have proven that driving under the effect of hard drugs is common. In fact, this is a major problem in many countries. Use of these drugs affects the brain hence influencing the driving performance. Drugs have become of great concern to the police, health professionals, employers, road safety officers among others. Drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines have been found to contribute to violent behaviors. Drug abuse and violence is said to be related in…show more content…
The story is split into six possible scenarios about life. The interesting thing about this story is that all the six scenes end in death. Whether the relationship was a happy one or not it ends in death (Atwood, 1983). It means then that an individual can die anywhere, in war, in a night of sleep, or in a gang. However, of all the six possible life scenarios none results from drug abuse. Also, Happy Endings is a functional piece of work. It highlights several themes such as emptiness of vanity, wealth vs. happiness and cruelty of elitism. For example, in a story labeled B, Mary, a working middle-class woman is jealous. She takes sleeping pill and aspirins on overdose and swallows with a bottle of sherry (Atwood, 1983). Mary’s is a classic example demonstrating how legal drugs can be abused and cause severe health effect on our health. Taking drugs on overdose with alcohol depicts the ill society bent to do what is on their mind without thinking of the repercussion

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