The Effect of Concentration of Sucrose Solution on Osmosis in Potato Tissue

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The Effect of Concentration of Sucrose Solution on Osmosis in Potato Tissue Aim:- To find the effect of varying external concentration of sucrose solution on osmosis in potato tissue. Variables:- J The concentration of the sucrose solution around the potato tissue. Depending on the concentration of the solution, osmosis will occur more or less. J The size and shape of the potato. The longer and wider the potato tissue, the larger the surface area, which means that more of the potato is exposed to the solution giving it more of a chance of osmosis occurring. J The condition of the potato being used. If the potato is rotting or rotten, then osmosis might not occur properly as the cells may be dying or dead. J The volume of the solution. If there is more of the solution, then the potato will have more for it to use in osmosis. J The temperature. If it is hot, then some of the solution is likely to evaporate, leaving sugar behind, which will not be used in the osmosis. J Time that the experiment is left for. The longer that the experiment is left for, the more of a chance osmosis has to happen. J Light condition. If the light is too intense, it may kill some cells by dehydrating them, effecting osmosis. Apparatus:- ¥ 2fairly large potatoes ¥ A cork borer ¥ A stick ¥ A tile ¥ Paper towels ¥ A razor/blade ¥ Electric scales ¥ 5 syringes ¥ Ruler ¥ A watch/clock ¥ Solutions- [IMAGE] ¥ 10 test tubes ¥ Test tube rack ¥ 10 bungs ¥ A dark cupboard ¥ Thin marker pen. Fair test table :- Factor experiment Concentration of sucrose solution. ( M ) Size, shape and volume of potato. Condition of potato. Volume of solution. (ml)
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