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  • Career Opportunities For Recipients Of Degrees In Mathematics

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    The Many Career Opportunities For Recipients Of Degrees In Mathematics I have chosen to do Possibility 7. It states that once a person decides to study mathematics they are limited to the possible fields of work that is available to them. According to this statement the only possible jobs are teaching jobs at the school, college, and university levels. It also talks about how this can be dull to some and how a person can't become a millionaire this way. I am in total opposition of this statement

  • Theology Degrees

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    What Types of Theology Degrees are Available Online in Kenya? Most people who study theology do not actually finish school with a “theology degree.” The field is so rich and diverse that many niche specialties are available, and most students walk out of college with something like a Master of Divinity, or MDiv degree, in a particular type of religious or ministerial discipline. Some of the degrees available from theological schools, or seminaries, are as follows: Master of Arts – Christian Leadership:

  • The Degrees of Deception

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    that people have when they think about deceit. My personal definition of deceit is when someone manipulates another person into believing what they are saying is the truth even if it may not be. In this paper I will argue that there are different degrees of deceit that don’t always break someone’s trust. The evidence I provide will show that our definition of deceit in our Western culture is impaired. It will show people who believe that deceit is morally wrong and it can only bring about distrust

  • Constructing a Greenhouse Window

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    Constructing a Greenhouse Window Building and testing a sensor to determine number of degrees to which a window is open Introduction When making use of a greenhouse to grow plants out of season or on a large scale for commercial reasons, the temperature within the green house must be carefully regulated, in order to ensure that the plants are under the optimum growing conditions. With the windows shut permanently, the temperature may become too high, and the windows need therefore

  • Online Design Degrees

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    An Online Bachelor of Design Degrees can be an awesome approach to start a vocation that consolidates specialized abilities and innovativeness. These Bachelor of Design Online Degree course projects examine the numerous ways that words and pictures are controlled and exhibited in print and on the web, in magazines, daily papers, and each other sort of visual correspondences. Students of graphic design may go ahead to work in advertising and marketing, web development etc. Bachelor of Design Online

  • Computer Science as a Career

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    engineering. Many have advanced degrees. They, however, all started preparing for their careers long before they began their undergraduate degrees. You can start investigating a career in computing as early as four years before you enter college, but certainly no later than the year before. The different degrees mentioned in the paragraph above each have different requirements and you could get a head start on them by finding out what they are. For example, some of the degrees require a lot of math and

  • What Factors Affect the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by The Enzyme Catalase Which is Found in the Liver

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    will be the quickest reaction. For temperature it will be the temperature that is forty degrees Celsius because the enzymes in the liver will not exist after the temperature goes over forty degrees Celsius. I know this due to previous experiments that I have carried out. I think the rate of decomposition will double every ten degrees Celsius that the liver is warmed up, but when the liver goes over forty degrees Celsius, the rate of decomposition will slow down. Therefore my hypothesis is that the

  • Rotation of the letter "R"

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    rotation, the longer the task would take. This was because it would take longer to physically rotate a figure more degrees than fewer degrees. The evidence supported this hypothesis: The closer the angle is to 180 degrees, the longer the reaction time. Angles greater than 180 degrees do not take longer because the subject will rotate it in the other direction. So the angle distance from 180 degrees, called the angle of disparity, is directly related to the reaction time. The experiment done by the class

  • Investigating How Quickly Amylase Breaks Down Starch With Varying Temperatures

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    sample was taken from the test tube using a pipette and mixed with the droplets of iodine in one of the chambers of the spotting tile. The experiment was repeated many times for different temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 Celsius. The temperature goes up 5 degrees every time. Fair Test I will make sure that I measure the correct amounts of starch and amylase each time. I will always put 3 drops of iodine in each chamber of the spotting tile, no more, no less. I will clean

  • Atmospheric Circulation And More

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    of the atmosphere. The equatorial belt of variable winds and calms ranges from 5 degrees north to 5 degrees south. This wind belt is characterized by weak winds and low pressure from the inter tropical convergence zone. As you go further north or south you encounter the Hadley Cells. Hadley cell circulation is caused by the movement of high pressure from the latitudes at 5 to 30 degrees north and 5 to 30 degrees south to low pressure areas around the equator. The movement of air from high pressure

  • The Effect of Temperature on the Resistance of a Metal Wire

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    [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Oval: V[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] In theory this was a good experiment however in practice it was not. Whilst conducting the experiment I realise that from the temperature changing from 0 degrees to 100 degrees there was only a small change of 0.01v. I tried with a different resistor but still had no luck. There was not enough change for me to conduct a worthwhile experiment. I tried to use a higher current on the power pack but still the voltage

  • Physics of Baseball

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    A general throwing position starts with a person rotated 90 degrees from there target with there throwing arm 180 degrees from the target and parallel to the ground. The person then starts rotating their body back towards their target while there throwing arm starts bending until it is almost 90 degrees to their elbow, while the arm is bending at the elbow the throwing arm is rotating such that the arm rotates back almost 180 degrees from the target. Meanwhile the person is leaping forward with

  • Conductivity

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    Division in Zurich, Switzerland. They found a material that reached superconductivity at around 35 degrees Kelvin or –238 degrees Celsius. In the next year, a team of Chinese-American physicists declared that they had found a material that reached superconductivity at 92 degrees Kelvin. This was a big improvement. 92 degrees Kelvin is not a very high temperature, in fact, it is the equivalent of –181 degrees Celsius. Locating superconducting material above 77 degree Kelvin is a good thing because it means

  • Egypt

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    season from November to March. Egypt has very extreme temperatures year round. In the coastal region of Egypt, average annual temperatures range from a maximum of 99 degrees F, to a minimum of 57 degrees F. In the desert regions of Egypt wide variations in temperature occur. These range from 114 degrees F in the daylight hours to 42 degrees after sunset. In many desert locations of Egypt it might only rain once every few years. Egypt is the home for one of the Worlds greatest ancient civilizations. Strong

  • Goegraphy of Dominica

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    ( The island itself is located between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. It is 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, and covers 290 square miles. Its exact location is approximately 15 degrees North and 61 degrees West ( The island of Dominica is home to the only surviving population of Carib Indians. This was only possible because of Dominica’s treacherous mountains. Early European colonist were not able to drive out or kill

  • The Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme's Ability to Break Down Fat

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    Break Down Fat Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature on an enzyme’s (lipase) ability to break down fat. Hypothesis: The graph below shows the rate increasing as the enzymes get closer to their optimum temperature (around 35 degrees Celsius) from room temperature. The enzyme particles are moving quicker because the temperature increases so more collisions and reactions occur between the enzymes and the substrate molecules. After this the graph shows the rate decreasing

  • Chemistry Investigation

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    decided to time how much carbon dioxide is given off in five minutes. Throughout the investigation, I will keep the temperature the same as I have specified for each reading. For example, if I am taking a reading in which the temperature must be 5 degrees, I will make sure that the yeast is kept at this temperature. When I am altering the temperature of the yeast, I will place it in a water bath of the specified temperature, which makes the temperature much more accurate. For example, if I heat up

  • Mental Rotation Of Images

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    shapes presented were the same or mirror images. Two different shapes were used in this experiment, each given as often as the other. During each trial one shape remained stationary and the other was rotated with varying amounts of 0, 60, 120, and 180 degrees. As the angle of rotation increased reaction times were calculated to see if this had any baring on the speed of the reaction. As predicted, reaction times increased along with angular disparity. Rotation of Mental Images: Measured by

  • Finding Out Why Penguins Huddle Up

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    going to use test tubes to symbolise penguins "huddling up". I will firstly get all of my equipment, then I will fill firstly one test tube with water, then 9, then 17, then 25 in bunches. I will fill them all with water at a temperature of 65 degrees C. I will leave each set for 5 minutes and record the temperature of the centre tube. I will see if this tube huddled between a bunch is the highest temperature after 5 minutes than the rest. If the test tube in the bunch of 25 has the highest

  • Plutonium

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    is Pu, coming from its first and third letters. Its atomic number is ninety-four. Plutonium is able to maintain its solid state until very high temperatures, melting at six hundred and forty degrees Celsius, and boiling at three thousand four hundred and sixty degrees. The density of Plutonium, at twenty degrees centigrade, is 19.86 grams per cubic centimeter. Plutonium was discovered, in the laboratory, by Glenn Theodore Seaborg, and his associate Edward M. McMillan. The two shared the Nobel prize