The Education Systems

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A child’s ability to learn and understand the world around him is because of the education that they receive. The education system in each and every country tries to make sure that the future of tomorrow, which are our children, have the best education provided to them. The American education system is known in the world to be very effective, while U.A.E.’s education system is not well known and believed to be behind the times. The American education system has many similarities with the education system in the U.A.E., but there are some significant differences that need to be pointed out.
The American education system shares quite a lot of similarities with the Emirati education system. The Emirati school system, just like the American school system, has schools running under the private and public sector. The curriculum is handled by the State Board of Education in the U.S.; likewise, the Education Council handles the curriculum for its respective Emirate. Both the Emirati and American education systems have three levels in schools which include primary school, middle school, and high school. Furthermore, the hours and days spent in the academic year is the same and these two education systems provide almost the same subjects in their curriculum. Moreover, students are assessed by giving them class work, homework, tests, and exams in the American education system and Emirati education system.
The education systems in both the U.S. and U.A.E. have similarities in providing students time outside or within schools. In the U.S. and U.A.E. alike, students are allowed to go school trips to enjoy their time with their classmates. In addition to school trips, students can go to trips to do field study in factories or other places. Not...

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...aught in details even in the biology classes. This difference may be due to cultural reasons, but this is a very sensitive topic amongst schools in a lot of countries.
There are many similarities and differences in the Emirati and American education system, but both try to provide the best education to their students. There are some similarities like the public and private sector, state and Emirates controlling the curriculum, educational levels, curriculum, time spent in and out of school, women’s education, and rate of drop outs that both the education systems share. But some factors like segregation, language used, different curriculum, way of teaching and sex education has made a big difference between the Emirati and American education systems. The most important part is for these education systems to educate the children and make them into better human beings.

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