The Double Standard For Women's Sexuality?

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Ariana Grande was interviewed over the summer after her break up with rapper, Big Sean. During the interview Grande talks about her past relationship with Big Sean and also talked about the double standard for women’s sexuality that is in place. She talked about the ideal double standard on how a man is glorified if he sleeps around and is encouraged to do so. However she found it frustrating that women who engage in sexual activity is seen as “loose” or even how women feel ashamed and/or embarrassed if and when they talk about sex. Her main argument in the interview was centered at that women should be able to make mindful choices when they decide to be intimate and sexual with their partner (Greer, 2015). Women should not focus
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12). What is ok for one to do is not acceptable for another to do although they are equal. This standard is upheld by media on almost every outlet. This can range from women showing off their sexuality to the men being praised for sleeping around or having lots of women around him in one setting. An outside source goes on to state “Under the rubric of the sexual double standard, highly sexually active men are praised or rewarded with high status, whereas highly sexually active women are derogated or suffer a damaged reputation” (Marks, 2008, Pg. 84). In the society we live in a man can have a many sexual partners as he pleases and studies actually show that men do report having more sexual partners than women (Chapter 12). Not only is it glorified and encouraged but there are some countries that practice polygyny which is when a man has more than one wife making it acceptable in various cultures. There are instances where a woman has multiple husbands as well and this is referred to polyandry. A woman’s sexuality is always glorified and placed on a peddle stool in some cases. Men love to admire the female body like to cat call when they see something they like. However, if and when a woman acts in the sexual manner that men glorify them to be in, then the woman is looked at…show more content…
Traditional gender roles are the behaviors and practices we adopt from learning and what has been passed on from past generations. We learn these from our fathers, mothers, grandparents, and peers. It’s a set of unwritten laws that each gender operates under. These roles have no exception. This soon becomes a problem in society because it creates sexism based off of traditional principles on what each gender should be doing or how they should be acting. Research suggest that “Sexism is defined as prejudice or discrimination toward people based on their gender” (Marks & Zaikman, 2014, Pg. 334). Sexism correlates with the double standard of women on the aspect of it being acceptable in society for men to promote sexual activity and women being bashed and looked down upon when they promote their sexuality. There has been more prevalent news of women taking the stand on their sexuality and bodies. The double standard that exist in America has more recently raised attentiveness in society with such campaigns as Free-the-Nip. The free the nip campaign is a fight for equal rights amongst women. The main ideology of the campaign is for women to have equal rights when it comes to being bare chested in public, the same rights that men have (Reporter, 2015). The double standard here is society saying that women should not be allowed to be bare chested taking
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