Analysis Of Bonnie Tsui's The Undress Code

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Too Revealing or Not At All? “54% (272) had experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment.” (“Statistics”) More than 200 of those victims that experienced the sexual harassment were women. Women are often found with a more strict dress code in society compared to men. In “The Undress Code” by Bonnie Tsui, she addresses the issue of how men look at women depending on what they wear in different environments. This awkward anecdote reveals how a female in the situation of where her previous co-worker has been hitting on her and she doesn’t know the reason why exactly. While Bonnie Tsui’s “ The Undress Code” acknowledges that clothing choices have an effect on relationships between opposite sexes, females should not be forced to keep the “balance” within society. Women are not always…show more content…
Sexism is very prevalent in society today. Women are often not seen as wives or girlfriends but more of as a personal maid or sex object to men attracted to her. Men value the looks of a female before anything else. If a woman is dressed more revealing than another there will be more men that get the idea that she’s not the person she actually is. This leads to more sexual harassment between men and women that is often to be thought of as the female 's fault. An example of this when women are cat called on the street and feel ashamed of their appearance but if it was a man in the situation it would be odd. The female is often made to think that she is the one who promoted these advances on herself as evidenced by Bonnie Tsui in “The Undress Code”. The female within the story believes that a sweater that had no sexual intention to it was perceived as the wrong way by a former co-worker which lead to the constant stalking of the female. She did nothing to promote these activities because she did not feel that way towards the man at
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