The Diversity of GM

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Driving down the highway there is a wide variety of vehicles on the road. Some vehicles may be recognizable and others may be new, but do people ever wonder about what the little symbol on the back of their car really means? Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, GM, and Nissan, what do these brands truly stand for? The automobile industry is huge, and very few people ride the bus or a bike compared to the number of those that drive. This industry is diverse, but how does each treat diversity or the unique individual? Diversity can mean a lot of things such as, religion, race, disabilities, and or the opinion of an individual. Addressing diversity could be challenging for an industry of this size, but I believe the automobile industry addresses the individualism of its customers very well. Some of the bigger names in the automobile industry include Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Mazda all of which clearly state their diversity initiatives on their websites. These are all brands most commonly seen on the road. Ultimately, each brand has a unique twist on individualism and diversity. Ford for example feels that addressing diverse aspects such as individual thought, race, faith, perspective, and gender will ultimately keep Ford at the top of the industry. Ford CEO Alan Mulally says, “The only way to satisfy diverse customers is to include their perspectives inside the company. This is especially true for Ford because we probably have the most diverse set of customers in the world.” In other words Ford believes that having a diverse workforce will ultimately help their appeal to diverse customers. Ford believes that allowing their workforce to join in on design, arrangement, customs, allows for a better feel from the person interest... ... middle of paper ... ...presents diversity. When browsing through the website GM provides several other diverse websites that either they support or web sites that talk about diversity within the community. GM is about being successfully able to provide for a diverse culture. On the other hand, I believe Ford is the least effective in addressing diversity. Unlike that of GM there is very little information about their ability to provide for a diverse culture. The CEO makes a statement, Ford makes sure that we the people understand that the employees within Ford are diverse and that have a diverse workforce represents a diverse community. In conclusion, I believe GM to be most successful and effective when it comes to being diverse and supplying a diverse culture. Their initiative seems to be one of the strongest with bright ideas and new innovative ways to stay at the top of their game.
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