Is Diversity A Diverse Initiative Essay

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Why Diversity is a Profitable Initiative:

When aligned with Organizational Objectives, diversity can be a powerful contributor to the organizations competitive advantage.” (Best practices page 9)
A diverse and inclusive organizational culture makes strong business sense. Highly cohesive diverse teams can make more creative decisions that enable a company to reach out to a broader customer base. By creating an inclusive culture where employees respect one another’s unique differences, an organization is broadening its opportunity to serve their clients more effectively. When consumers feel that they are represented and valued by an organization, they become attracted to it and are more likely to be loyal to that corporation. This increases the organizations bottom line and provides a positive presence within their community. (Page 147 Leveraging Diversity) An inclusive and supportive organization culture will have positive financial results. Money saved from reducing costs and improving return on investment of human resources can be significant. In addition to reduced turnover, satisfied employees are more committed to staying with an organization. Their satisfaction translates into productivity in interacting with customers and providing a positive client experience. (Conference board pg. 8)
Customer satisfaction can in fact translate into a major revenue source. Word of mouth, referrals and support/maintenance purchases add up to a significant amount of after sale dollars. General Motors once determined that a $50,000 Cadillac purchase could easily result in $500, 0000 based on satisfied customers. (Conference Board pg. 8)
In a 2006 census showed that Canada was one of the most ethnically diverse counties on the planet. The da...

... middle of paper ... accessible to all staff members. Furthermore, a commitment needs to be made that all allegations or suggestions will be reviewed and actioned.
The diversity message and its tools must be properly presented to front line associates. A memo or mission statement on a corporate website, or a mandatory ‘Click and learn’ course regarding the companies diversity policy is simply just not enough. There must be an ongoing dialogue, education and encouragement for all employees to grow and thrive. Difference must be celebrated and recognized.
A diversity initiative needs to be embedded in a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility to enable it to live through leadership changes and associate attrition. Only once inclusiveness becomes a shared value within the organization, does the diversity initiative become a corporate culture and not just simply a lifeless statement.
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