The Colombian Exchange and Christianity in 1450 and 1750

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Research Question: Between 1450 and 1750, how did the advancement and development of Christianity influence and impact different cultures? Dom Henrique of Portugal (1450 CE) - Dom Henrique of Portugal is also known as Henry the Navigator. Prince Henry was involved with the expansion of Portuguese rule in the Pacific Islands. His main reasons for his voyages were to explore Africa, expand trade, and expand Christianity. This is important because Prince Henry’s goals and achievements are what inspired Vasco de Gama's discovery of a way to India and Christopher Columbus’s voyage to America[ "Prince Henry the Navigator." Prestage, Edgar. (accessed February 17, 2014). ]. He is one of the main reasons that Christianity has spread so far to foreign lands and has influenced different cultures. Columbian Exchange (1450 CE - 1750 CE) - The Columbian Exchange occurred after the voyage of Christopher Columbus. It was the process of the exchange of culture, food, ideas, animals, disease, and religion from the rest of the world to America and more. The Native Americans suffered vastly from the Columbian Exchange and their death rates rose immaculately. Europe, Spain, and Portugal all interested in the goods that the Americas had to offer, made several voyages passing on not only goods, but their religion.[ "Colombian Exchange." Silvia, Joseph. (accessed February 16, 2014). ] There were many attempts to convert the native people to some form of Christianity. Some efforts were successful and some were not. The conversion of the natives to new religions changed the values and culture of a people and the idea only traveled and expanded over tim... ... middle of paper ... ...Company, 2005. 72. "Mvemba Nzinga (Afonso I)c. 1461 to 1543Roman CatholicKongo (D. R. Congo)." Dictionary of African Christian Biography. (accessed February 17, 2014). "Nicholas Copernicus | Christian History." Christian History. (accessed February 18, 2014). Prestage, Edgar. "Prince Henry the Navigator." CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA:. (accessed February 17, 2014). Russell, Susan. "CHRISTIANITY IN THE PHILIPPINES." CHRISTIANITY IN THE PHILIPPINES. (accessed February 17, 2014). Silvia, Joseph. "Colombian Exchange." Ezinearticles. (accessed February 16, 2014).

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