The Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social media has become an everyday necessity, the average American spends around eight hours on social media per month (Whiteman).The most common social media is Facebook; an online connection with family and friends, as well as a way to keep up with current events. These social media sites can be accessed almost twenty- four hours a day by any devices that connect to the internet. Around forty- two percent of adults use multiple social networking sites and the majority of those adults are under the age of thirty (Whiteman). Social media has many advantages, such as staying involved and connected to the world, but has some disadvantages as well. Social media can have an impact on communication skills during face to face interactions and can…show more content…
Well it is because kids and some adults take advantage of social media and they use it for the worst. People using social media in the worst way is by cyber bulling through chats rooms or even just being themselves online. By being rude it can damage a child or adult by the things that are said and how rude they are, especially for a child since they are still very young and are trying to figure out who they are. If they are being put down about themselves they start believing the things they are told and it puts a lot on the child mentally making them unhappy. Another thing that can make people unhappy with social media is they can be “catfished”, meaning that a person is being fooled by someone trying to be someone else. This goes for online dating or even making new friendships through social media. There is a television show called “Catfish”, where people date online but have never met each other, these two guys helps make the connection between the two people and investigate if that person is being catfished and when they do find out they can either be disappointed on who they were in a “relationship” with for so long or they can be true to who they are it can back fire for the most part. These are ways that social media can make a person
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