The Differences Which the Regions of New England and Chesapeake Developed in the United States

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Although the New England and Chesapeake regions of the United States were both settled by the English in the 1600s, they developed into two very different communities based mainly on their geographical location and religious devotion. Unlike their European rivals, the English founded colonies in North America. Settlers in the Chesapeake region used force to take possession of Indian lands. The Chesapeake region of the colonies included Virginia, Maryland, the New Jerseys and Pennsylvania. In 1607, Jamestown (the first English colony in the New World) was founded by a group of settlers along the James River. And because the colony was near water, the Pilgrims had a great advantage. They created a society that was full of companies interested in profiting from the natural resources of the New World. They also turned to the local Powhatan Indians, who taught them the process of corn- and tobacco-growing. These staple-crops flourished throughout all five of these colonies. After the ship arrived, John Smith’s main concern was to “dig gold, refine gold, and load gold” but there was no g...

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